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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Once a Patriot, Now a Cougar!


I graduated from High School this afternoon. Oh and what an experience it was to walk across the stage of my education to receive my diploma. A moment I will never forget.

Before I go into that, I would like to congratulate the St. Mary's High School Youth Group in beating the DOC Young Adult Group in the Second Annual Softball Game 10 - 7! Way to go guys.

Here are a few shots from the game.

And now for the final Graduation 2008 Update News!


Here are the notable Mann Senior Graduates Of 2008 and the outstanding Junior Marshalls of the ceremony!

Graduation Performer One: Bradley Phillips

Graduation Performer Two: Allen Reid

Valedictorian: Nina Kuo

Salutatorian: Caroline Burdette

Third In The Senior Class: Lindsay Caesar

Fourth In The Senior Class: Phillip Calvin

Fifth In The Senior Class: Andrew Finley

Sixth In The Senior Class: Stacey Schutzman

Seventh In The Senior Class: Collin Sarvis

Eighth In The Senior Class: Ben Mangelsen

Ninth In The Senior Class: Elspeth McWaters

Tenth In The Senior Class: Allen Reid

Senior Class Secretary And Treasurer: Megan Roben

Senior Class Vice President: Brienna Jones

Senior Class President: Michael Johnson

Senior Class Executive Council Member One: Kristen Crawford

Senior Class Executive Council Member Two: Shaina Toner

Student Body Vice President: Alex Roper

Student Body President: Emily Ayer

The following were academic honors diploma graduates!

*Nina Kuo

*Lindsay Caesar

*Phillip Calvin

*Stacey Schutzman

*Collin Sarvis

*Ben Mangelsen

*Elspeth McWaters

*Allen Reid

*Nathan Bailey

*Tyler Bennett

*Josh Bittinger

*Josh Edwards

*Austin Finley

*Charlie Humphreys

*Michael Johnson

*Tiffany Marino

*Ross Ovington

*Chris Reinke

*Blake Sanders

*Steve Zielinski


The following Seniors were Magnet Distinction Graduates!

*Phillip Calvin

*Nathan Bailey

*Josh Bittinger

*Jamaal Cox

*Shawna Darnall

*Kathryn Ethridge

*Danielle Gianakas

*Roosevelt Leggett

*Patrick O'Malley

Congrats to these students!

These next set of graduates are Highest Honor Graduates with a GPA of 4.5 and higher!

*Nina Kuo

*Caroline Burdette

*Lindsay Caesar

*Phillip Calvin

*Andrew Finley

*Stacey Schutzman

*Collin Sarvis

*Ben Mangelsen

*Elspeth McWaters

*Allen Reid

*Nathan Bailey

*Sharod Beeks

*Tyler Bennett

*Josh Bittinger

*Bridget Cate

*Laurel Crout

*Shawna Darnall

*Danielle Gianakas

*Nicole Girard

*Charlie Humphreys

*Lauren Lea

*Andrejz Malisz

*Andreina Malki

*Tiffany Marino

*Rebecca Mercer

*Victor Orozco

*Ross Ovington

*Rohail Kazi

*Cyrus Saharkhiz

*Blake Sanders

*Riley Seaver

*Katie Sikkelee

*Jessica Todd

*Logan Vanzura

*Steve Zielinski

Congrats to these amazing Patriots!

This next set of Seniors are High Honor Graduates with a GPA between 4.25 and 4.5!

*Alex Roper

*Emily Ayer

*Lauren Bjerke

*Jay Bridgeman

*Luke Douglas

*Arthur Ellison

*Austin Finley

*Patrick Haarsgard

*Michael Johnson

*Zach Lincolnhol

*Erin Morgan

*Hannah Moseley

*Patrick O'Malley

*Bradley Phillips

*Chris Reinke

*Ariana Renrick

*Katie Scardo

*Lisa Sutch

*Page Tarleton

*Ally Truitt

Congratulations again!

These final Seniors are Honor Graduates with a GPA between 4.0 and 4.25!

*Kristen Crawford

*Sammie Burman

*Cheng Chang

*Tyler Crull

*Amber Davis

*Josh Edwards

*Kathryn Ethridge

*Brenn Gray

*Logan Greene

*Kyle Griffin

*James Haarsgard

*Pat Hanahan

*Brittany Heeringa

*Christian LeBlanc

*Alex Marcum

*Scott McAbee

*Sarah Miller

*Colin Phillips

*Joanna Serieno

*Ashley Shelby

*Tom Smith

*Alyssa Sullivan

*Jock Symons

*Kellie Warth

*Renee Welfare

*Knox White

Congrats to these awesome seniors!!!!


Thanks again to our amazing Junior Marshalls for the ceremony!

*Jon Bagwell

*Amber Cantrell

*Chris Chu

*Caryn Cortez

*Carol Killian

*Price Kinney

*Matt Kofoed

*Leighton Morgan

*Jacob Varughese

*Jason Tedstone

*Grace Williams

*Rae Wilson

Congrats go out to the following Foreign Exchange Students!

*Ulan Abdimamatov

*Nicolas Hughes

*Paleeya Thanavatanacharoen

Thanks again to all of our teachers, parents, friends, family, and the school board who were in attendance as well.

Check out the graduation pictures on my Facebook and Myspace for pleasure!

Good night every1,

Christian L.

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