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Saturday, February 24, 2007



Girls: Mann 63, A.C. Flora 47!!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE U DARRAH! But I Love Amanda More! :) :) :) :) XOXOXOXO

State Game is next Saturday
at 6 p.m. at the Colonial Center in Columbia.


The Amazing Christian L.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Data Match Results Are In!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody!

Valentine's Day was the best this year. I called Amanda and we talked for over an hour. I loved it. I got like 45 Valentine Cards and so on and so forth. I would like to say that last night's Winter Jam at the BiLo Center was the best yet. I'm so sad that next year might be the last one. :( But Its only a month until DYC and we have a three day weekend this weekend! :).

But back to the good stuff........... HERE ARE THE DATA MATCH RESULTS FOR MY CLASS AND OTHER CLASSES!!!!!!! No best friends this year. :(

These are the luckiest ladies in my class this year! :

1. Brienna Jones
2. Emily Ayer
3. Tyler Bennet
4. Logan Greene
5. Kathryn Ethridge

Congrats to these ladies!!!!!!!

And now for the rest of the best!!!!!!

1. Danisha Croft
2. Lauren Evans
3. Brittany Green
4. Emily Herr
5. Kayla Curry
6. Angelina Acevedo
7. Laura Boehm
8. Melissa Billups
9. Emily Greig
10. Megan Henson
11. Kristina Lockwood
12. Jasmine Hawthorne
13. Kayla Stewart
14. Shelby Steck
15. Kristen Smith
16. Miahia Mansell
17. Ashley Maggio
18. Noelle Lai
19. Madeline Graham
20. Jessica Davidson
21. Lindsay Brown
22. Marypage Bostian
23. Chelsea Fowler
24. Lacey Cook
25. Ashley Austin
26. Alisha Tricoche
27. Shannon Luttrell


Have a great weekend every!

The Amazing Christian L.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The Wild And Fun Life

Hello Everyone I think it's time for another message.

I hope you all have had a great weekend so far. So much has happened with me these past few days. Yes, days.

First off, I did not sign up for the Talent Show this year. Maybe this comment I left for a friend can help explain:

"Well, IDK. I tried out for the Show Of Plenty in the fall and I wasn't able to be in it because I was in last years Talent Show. I think my chances are less likely to be in it this year since I've already been a 'winner' and the fine arts teachers at this school might think it would be unfair if i tried to 'win' again. But I may still come and watch. :) The good news is that I have a dance 'performance' coming up in May. I can give you the details when it comes closer. Maybe you can come and watch. I'm more focused on that than the talent show right now and I think that would be better for me. Everyone else in the school wants me in it, but I can't fight the teacher's beliefs. I kinda agree. I guess I need to give other people a shot at it. I might be back next year. We will have too see."

And as for that shows dates and times in May they will be up as soon as I get them. But I am still coming to the Talent Show to watch. I will also try to attend Treasure Island when it comes around! I can't wait for both I am so excited!

The French kids have arrived at Mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that was their welcoming scene at our school on Friday. Yes, that's my sister and her pink book bag at the front. lol. Anyways their really cool kids and fun to hang out with. I met Sarah on Friday and she is one of the coolest French kids I have met so far! :) Today is actually her 17th BDay!! HAPPY BDAY SARAH!!!!!! Anyways the plans are that the French kids will be at Mann Monday through Wednesday. They are then going on the Freshman class trip to Florida on Thursday which should be allot of fun for them to see one of America's greatest states!


As of 8:30 pm tonight I reached 8,000 Myspace views since its debut. 8,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just crazy cool. It's really cool to see that so many people have encouraged me through the good times and the bad with Myspace. I can never thank all of you for all your support and friendships!!! Much love to all!!! Along with that Happy Valentines Day! XO!!!!


I am now working on writing a short play as a project for Drama class. My partner is Sierra and she has been great with helping with the ideas and the flow! But the script and plot is very creepy and almost coincidental with an event that occurred a few days ago. The plot is about a model/actress who's very pretty and ditsy at the same time. First she does a photo shoot, then she meets up with her agent and then she goes to her opening night. The funny thing is, is that she is shot by a stalker on a red carpet and is dead instantly. Does this sound familiar? The agent is Thomas Cortezia and the model/actress is Angelica Smith. Any bells ringing? Yes I wrote this the night before Anna Nicole Smith died. May God bless her soul and her family. This play since it was written the night before she died will be dedicated in her memory because of this very sad occurrence. I am not mocking her death, but memorializing it, in a way, through this short play. It was never about her and will never be so. This play will debut in two weeks! WOO HOO!!!

That's all for now!

The Amazing Christian L

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