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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Oh The Joys Of Summer Living!

Hello Every1,

This has been one crazy first month of the summer. So much and yet too much fun along the way. First we had Graduation at Furman University here in Greenville, SC where we graduated over 300 seniors. We then went to the beach for a week. After that a week long break. Then it was back out to Charleston for Orientation for two hot, long, humid, and extremely fun days. Then only a week later it was the Fourth yesterday and today was my Father's BDay. WHHHEEEWWW!!!!

What an overload.!.!.

First the beach trip this year with the family was allot of fun. I stayed in Surfside Beach which is in between Myrtle Beach and Garden City Beach. It is a two mile walking distance to both. We first arrived tired and burnt out from the four hour trip there, and slept the first night off in the beach house. The first day, however, I started walking up and down to both Myrtle Beach and Garden City to see if any of my friends were around. And yes there were. In Droves and Packs and Piles of them at beach houses squished so close there was no land in between them. It wasn't that bad however. I usually spent my days with my friends and evenings with my family. It was a good mix. I mean not too much time with one or the other. I ended up walking around 10 miles a day visiting both sections because my friends were so far spread out around the beach. The first day I saw some of my senior friends, James, Jakob, and Alex. We talked for a while and hung out the first night at the Garden City pier. We met on the top deck and then had some food, drinks, and fellowship at the local Sam's Corner Hot Dog Shop. We then went to the Arcade and they watched me fail miserably at DDR. (I am a good dancer, but not the video game kind) I got past the first staged and flunked the second one. It was a good time. It ended up getting late so I walked two miles backed to my beach house.

The next night we met up again and we met at the Pier again and hung out again. They decided to go out to a friends house and I had to go back because it was getting pretty late already.

The third day I met up with the JL Mann Juniors and talked and danced and partied like crunk crazy in the day time. GOOD TIMES! I would usually stop by after walking my two mile walk up to Garden City and relax in the hot sand, (felt like 100* with the humidity) But it felt good. I got burned a bit and I didn't care. As long as I got to be with people who were awesome people and great friends in every respect. THEY ARE THE MOST AWESOME SENIORS AT MANN FOR 2009! I know they will lead our school to new levels and do great things. I wish them all the best next year.

Anyways, nothing much happened, besides Chats, Bocce Ball, Volleyball, Surfing, Swimming, Pizza and Drinks.

In the days following I saw even MORE friends from my past. On the fourth day I met up with a friend from elementary school, Hannah, whom I hadn't seen in seven years. I met her two friends Vanessa and Hayley, who are amazing young women who will do great things. We talked about old memories at OLR and what had happened to our fellow OLR alumni in high school. They joined me on some of the walks in the afternoon. Better thing was is that I joined THEM on their walks. It was nice for once to be able to talk one on one with someone who's been there since the beginning about things.

On the fifth day it was the JL Mann Juniors again and Hannah and Friends. Still the same old, same old. I went and hung out with some new friends I met at the Pier and then went back home again.

On the sixth day, (Okay guys this IS NOT the Creation story, beach style) I met up with another friend elementary school, Austin. I hadn't seen her in seven years either. She still looked just as amazing as I thought she did back then. She was very beautiful woman then and still is. Still the same old, same old discussions about the past and the future. We are both majoring in Communications in our respective colleges which is pretty neat.

I took pictures for the week on my last day and met up with Taylor and Staci from UCDC. They have been good friends of mine from the school and Mann and will never forget them along with everyone else. I took pictures for the week that day and it was a bit crazy because there was no way to make up for lost moments throughout the week. The week is somewhat one big memory. Actually one of the best memories of the past few months of work and turmoil.

Then it was a week long break and then two days of Charleston Orientation. What a packed two days journey. Tons of info, so much my head felt like it was about to explode at the end. The first night I arrived late and went straight to bed in the dorm that I was staying in the first night. My roommate the first night lived near me and we talked a little bit about going to college and such. The next day was hell it seemed. The evening activities were something to look forward to. We had a cookout that second night filled with chips, burgers, and hot dogs. The first table I sat with played a card game called Fact or Crap with Intern Holley. My personal group for the two days was Courteney. The interns were definitely generous of their time, very friendly, and very helpful when all of us freshies were stressed and hyper as crap at our Orientation. The second table I was with had an UNO Tournament and one of our fellow Mann graduates and current CofC students was there, even though he was not an intern, was playing along. Harrison was there along with my Greenville friend Berklie who will be a transfer student to CofC next year. We got so close. Actually, funny thing was, Harrison won. He left for like twenty minutes. Came back and won! It was crazy, but still a fun ride. The second day was the same way long and full of info. I met some new people like Lindsay and Sadie! YEAH!!! And yes I did meet some people from my intern's group. My roommate the second night, John, was pretty cool to talk to. We talked about high school and what we were interested in majoring in at CofC among other things. Then it was time to go and it was another four hours back home to Greenville.

So it has now come down to the Fourth and yes we did have a Motorcycle parade of Gold Wings. They tried to set the world record for Largest Motorcycle Parade in the world. They fell short of their goal even though they had over 10,000 participants.

One of the best things that I have started this summer is going to a local Catholic College Bible Study Group. They have been some the coolest friends that I have had this summer. I am so glad to know some people who have graduated from and are going to CofC next year and those who lived there for the Citadel. Sarah, Joe, Craig, Ryan, Andy, and Kyle are amazing friends and I can't wait even more for CofC to begin next fall. We have already been out to Coffee Underground too many times and a few outings here and there along with last week's Pro Life prayer hour at our local abortion center, which is located next door to the local pro life center. Kinda awkward, but awesome at the same time.

I have been working this summer for more hours and that's been pretty cool as well.

For now, that is all until next time.

God bless every1 and enjoy the rest of all your summers to come,

Christian L.

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