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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy BDay Amanda



The Amazing Christian L loves ya!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Mann Of The Year 2006 Nominees!!!!!!!

The nominees for Mann Of The Year 2006 are:

*Kos Benham

*Martakius Dennis

*Natalie Coones

*Kate Hudson

*Jeb Wallace

*Alex Born

*Alex Brown

*Lizzie Miller

*Sally Haltiwanger

*Kym Day

*Logan Vanzura

*Knox White

*Katie Sikkelee

*Nicole Schmidt

*Emily Ayer

*Kate Phinney

*Alicia Bennet

*Kyle Ames

*Brad Saad

*Ashley Barksdale

Congrats to all nominees!!!!!!!!

Go vote now at JL Mann Spirit Week Group On Myspace

Eliminations each week until final two. Vote to get your favorites in!!!!!

The Amazing Christian L!!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


The Show Of Plenty was awesome!!!!

This was one of the best talent shows at Mann! I just can't wait for more!!!!

Congrats to all of the following people that were involved:

*Jeb Wallace
*Kelsey Bailey
*Wesley Swank
*Kellie Warth
*Katie Scardo
*Merritt Clark
*Luke Douglas
*Alex Brown
*Sally Haltwanger
*Amanda Shevey
*Renee Shevey
*Shawn Darnall
*Pearl Gambrell
*Jennifer Davis
*Bradley Phillips
*Allen Reid
*Martakius Dennis
*Roosevelt Legget
*Kyle Dalton
*Kyle Ames
*Genna Buckner
*Daniel Cooper
*Brennan West
*Kate Witowski
*Jay Bridgeman
*Michael Jenkins
*Dylan Marler
*Bethany Williams
*Michael Realmuto
*Phillip Calvin


Hope you guys enjoyed the show and Have A Great Day!!!!!

The Amazing Christian L!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


YouTube Channel is up!!!!!!!!!

Check out my YouTube channel at The Amazing Christian L's YouTube Extravangza
Or you can check it out at Yes, its pretty much the same address as my MySpace. I just recently uploaded Promiscuous Brenn and Christian for you to watch. It's silent, though. I, also, have Dance It Up JL Mann on there two from the pep rally a year ago of 05!!! Its pretty fun to watch. I will post the new Promiscuous Brenn and Christian video on here for you to watch!!!

ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!!! Look at my favorites while you're at it!

The Amazing Christian L!

Friday, November 10, 2006


NHS Induction Ceremony and Local Election!!!

Well this has been one crazy week! We had NHS and local elections the same week. I have decided to not do the Spirit Week rant and instead find another topic. But here is today and now, so here's the news...........

Congrats to Bob Inglis who won Congress for our district and Mark Sanford for being reelected as our 'amazing' governor. (Well, not exactly) Also, VERY BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Hickerson who won the School Board seat over David Vickery!!!! WAY TO GO MEGAN!!!!!!!

The NHS Induction Ceremony went well Monday night and Mann. Here we would like to congratulate the Junior and Senior inductees.

Congrats to the following Junior National Honor Society Inductees!!!!!!!!

*Emily Ayer
*Nathan Bailey
*Jay Bridgeman
*Caroline Burdette
*Lindsay Caesar
*Phillip Calvin
*Jamaal Cox
*Laurel Crout
*Shawna Darnell
*Luke Douglas
*Arthur Ellison
*Kathryn Ethridge
*Andrew Finley
*Austin Finley
*Danielle Gianakas
*Nicole Girard
*Kyle Griffin
*Jessica Gruchacz
*Patrick Haarsgard
*Charlie Humphreys
*Michael Johnson
*Nina Kuo
*Lauren Lea
*Christian LeBlanc
*Andreina Malki
*Tiffany Marino
*Scott McAbee
*Elizabeth McAfee
*Elspeth McWaters
*Rebecca Mercer
*Sarah Miller
*Victor Orozco
*Bradley Phillips
*Allen Reid
*Chris Reinke
*Ariana Renrick
*Alex Roper
*Blake Sanders
*Katie Scardo
*Stacey Schutzman
*Riley Seaver
*Katie Sikkelee
*Tom Smith
*Lisa Sutch
*Page Tarleton
*Jessica Todd
*Allison Truitt
*Logan Vanzura
*Renee Welfare
*Knox White

Congrats to the following Senior Inductees:

*Taylor Cothran
*Shannez Herazo
*Andy Merline
*Ashley Wells
*Jessica Zankman

CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now!!

Have a good day everyone!

The Amazing Christian L

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