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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Talismann Day/Prom/Youth Group Open House/ETC.... 2007!!!!!!

Well, we have alot to cover tonight so let's get going!

First off Prom was an excellent night this year. It was held on April 21 at the Hilton. And guess the theme? "A Night In Paris." Get it?? "A Night In Paris Hilton." How terrible it is now that she is going to jail. Hoorah!!!! Anyways, despite the crap theme, prom was the best. :) Amanda came down and we had a blast. The set was better than I had expected and everyone was looking Glamorous. (Im actually listening to that song right now. lol) Pictures are set up at MySpace and Facebook for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

The Youth Group Open House was held two days later after prom. We had over 80 kids show up which I am pleased to say is wonderful. I hope this attendance can keep up for more than that week. Thanks to all that came. Continue to come and learn about and love God.

AND NOW FOR MY BIG PRESENTATION..................... TALISMANN DAY 2007!!!!!

This years Talismann Day went very well for 2007. This yearbook's theme was ReDefining and it truly is the best yearbook that has ever been made at Mann! This was actually the first year that our yearbook was all in color. Yes, ALLLLL COLOR!!!!! I am so proud of our Talismann Yearbook staff! Even though it was only five more dollars than last years yearbook, I think it was worth it. This has been truly a crazy year for everyone. I really can say that this has been one of the most hard working years that I have ever had. I am hopeful that senior year is ten times better.

Congratulations To The Following "Mann In The Spotlights 2007"

*9th: Keiara Beck

*9th: Ollie Burman

*9th: Martakius Dennis

*10th: Sebastian Grier

*10th: AJ Johnson

*10th: Chiquetta Dawkins

*11th: Marcello Milli

*11th: Kae Benton

*11th: Brienna Jones



Best All Around - Male: Elliot Carnevale
Female: Lindley Mayer

Most Intelligent - Male: Stefan Ludlow
Female: Nora Collins

Most Athletic - Male: Harry Cabaniss
Female: Amber Ryals

Most Likely To Brighten Your Day -
Male: Parker Wright Female: LeeAnne Goforth

Best Eyes - Male: Michael Nail
Female: Emily Hall

Best Hair - Male: Eric McLendon
Female: Sully Moore

Best Smile - Male: Andrew Scales
Female: Morgan Garrett

Best Dressed - Male: Jhami Sullivan
Female: Emily Greig

Most School Spirited - Male: Rob Coleman
Female: Emily Wivell

Most Likely To Be Late To Graduation -
Male: Blaine Pelanda
Female: Sumeen Maur

Most Unforgettable - Male: Josh Payton
Female: Whitney Kazer

Worst Driver - Male: Roger Diggelmann
Female: Beth Thompson

Most Dramatic - Male: Wynne Boliek
Female: Megan VanGieson

Most Sarcastic - Male: Bryan Freeman
Female: Amelia Gayle

Class Clown - Male: Mac Todd
Female: Sydney Erwin

Best To Take Home To Mom And Dad -
Male: David Randolph
Female: Lauren Evans

Most Likely To Take Over The World -
Male: Kyle Ames
Female: Jessica Zankman

Most Dependable - Male: Adam Dankovich
Female: Katie Keith

Biggest Heart - Male: Jorge Santander
Female: Christina Devon

Best Looking - Male: David Sikkelee
Female: Caroline Abbott

Most Huggable - Male: Harry Williamson
Female: Jenny Fuller

Most Flirtacious - Male: Hershell Crisp
Female: Sarah Borowicz

Most Likely To Succeed - Male: Joseph Gilstrap
Female: Kate Phinney

Most Time Spent In Front Of A Mirror -
Male: Brian Hickerson
Female: Courtney Steading

And now time to present the Senior Hall Of Fame Winners!!!

The following Seniors were nominated to the Senior Hall Of Fame by their teachers!!! Congrats go to the following!

*Daniel Cooper

* Sam Dubose

*Elliot Carnevale

*Kate Phinney

*Erin James

*Emily Herr

*Kyle Ames

*Nora Collins

*Tommy Greer

*James Brock

*Rachel Bachtel

*Michelle McInnis

*Brad Saad

*Tiffany Shipley

*Jacquelline Wazir

*Brennan West

*Michele Perna

*Sumeen Maur

*Lizzie Smith

*Kate Witowski


And last but not least, I would like to personally thank the students and faculty and staff of JL Mann for another awesome school year!!! Without all your help this yearbook would not be possible.

Thanks for all you do.

I'm signing off for now and hope to get back at you all before the end of the year.

Have a good one every1,

The Amazing Christian L.

Well written article.
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