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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Mann Girls Win Back To Back State Basketball Campionships/ Dennis Wins "Idol"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes this has been quite an exciting weekend so far with many amazing and awesome things that occurred in just such a short time.

Here is the news of the weekend!......................

Patriot Idol was held on Friday night. There was about 400 students in attendance which is outstanding. Congratulations to all contestants for participating. They were all amazing this year!
Contestants included Seniors 07, dance group; Kelsey Bailey, rock singer; 5 Figure, dance group; Daniel Myles, guitarist; Star, tap dancer; DGG, dance group; Martakius, soul singer; and Leah's Gurlz, dance group. Yep there were many dance groups indeed. The winners of the talent show were as follows:

3rd Place = dance group 5 Figure!

2nd Place = dance group DGG!!

1st Place and Patriot Idol 2007 = soul singer Martakius Dennis!!!

Congratulations to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Mann girls basketball team did it again!!! They won another state basketball championship this past Saturday at the Colonial Center in Columbia. Thousands of Patriot fans were in attendance and many cheering excitement throughout the game. The Lady Patriots beat the North Charleston Cougars 51-45. Congrats go out to all team member which included Ally Wolff, Cassidy Clayton, Keisha Drummond, Tylia Henley, Kristin Burton, Jasmine Hawthorne, Camille Glymph, Kiki Rutledge, Labarbara Martin, Amber Ryals, Lesile Jury, Jill Sheppard, Renee Welfare, and Melissa Billups. WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!!! :)


And that will conclude our weekend at Mann for now.

Have a great rest of the weekend every1! and a great week.

The Amazing Christian L.

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