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Friday, December 02, 2005


All the HOORAH at Mann....

Hello Everyone,
It feels so good talking to you tonight!!!!!!!

Now time for a Spirit Week UPDATE:
They are STILL talking about it. In today's paper they wrote an editorial about it. It was great, but Spirit Week was FIVE weeks ago! I'm not upset about this, but I think it's time to move on. I love Spirit Week as much as anyone else, but there's a time and a place to stop the coverage of an event. Coverage is fine, but not too much. BUT REMEMBER: I LOVE JL MANN AND I LOVE SPIRIT WEEK!!!!
Prayer Of The Day:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me the courage to stand up for the "little guy." I sometimes wonder how I ever got so much courage to do what I do for others. I pray for an end to the website blockage and I pray for all those who have no one to stand up for them and those who have no one to pray for them.

I Ask All This Through Christ My Lord,


+ Two bodies in Ohio may be New Hampshire children

+ 10 Marines killed near Falluja

+ Kidnappers Threaten to Kill Iraq Hostages

+ 9/11 commissioners still see security oversights

And the moment you have all been waiting for this week:


Astin A.
Mitchell A.
Dervausie A.
Richard A.
Jacob A.
Ashley A.
Cameron A.
George A.
Emily A.
Johnathan B.
Nathan B.
Dujan B.
Terry B.
Jared B.
Sean B.
Katelyn B.
Sherifat B.
Steven B.
Virgil B.
Rodney B.
Brandon Be.
Tyler B.
Sonja B.
Joshua B.
Lauren B.
Brian B.
Cameo B.
Javarionte B.
Brooks B.
Tyeshia B.
Tiara B.
Jennifer B.
Rollins B.
Celeste B.
James B.
William B.
Candice B.
Brandon Br.
Cornelius B.
Richard B.
Caroline B.
Samantha B.
Brittany B.
Jonathan B.
Boschia B.
Lavadre B.
Tierra B.
Taylor C.
Lindsay C.
Ryan C.
Phillip C.
Alexander C.
Yorlady C.
Christopher C.
Miguel C.
Elizabeth C.
Justin C.
John C.
Antonio C.
William C.
Jamaal C.
Kristen C.
Laurel C.
Tyler C.
Daniel C.
Kyle D.
Shawna D.
Arielle D.
Denzel D.
John D.
Terence D.
Amber D.
Terrell D.
Stephen D.
Joshua D.
Tia D.
Lisa D.
Rachel D.
Nico D.
Lucas D.
Wesley D.
Shanise D.
Joshua E.
Kimberly E.
Kyle E.
Arthur E.
Kathryn E.
Brittany F.
Kelvin F.
Andrew F.
Austin F.
Sarah F.
James F.
Daniel F.
Shane F.
Ashley F.
Cameron G.
Hailey G.
Danielle G.
Chesney G.
Heather G.
Nicole G.
Kanika G.
Amanda G.
Logan G.
Germany G.
Kyle G.
Jessica Gri.
David G.
Jessica Gru.
James G.
Devonia G.
Patrick H.
James H.
Kyle H.
Michael Ha.
London H.
Robert H.
Colin H.
Jennifer H.
Heather H.
Brittany H.
Darriale H.
Christina H.
Sean H.
Tina H.
Ashley H.
Margarette H.
Michael Ho.
Mitchell H.
Alexander H.
Daniel H.
Charles H.
Gabriela I.
John I.
Quintero J.
Angelica J.
Ashley J.
Dantwon J.
Michael J.
Karnecia J.
Andre J.
Kennard J.
Alisha J.
Brienna J.
Xavier J.
Stephanie K.
Megan K.
Natalyn K.
William K.
Barbara K.
Nina K.
Lakeisha L.
Lauren L.
Roosevelt L.
Jocelin L.
Taylor L.
Zachary L.
Jaquanna L.
John L.
Iquan L.
Angiee L.
Kyle M.
Raymond M.
Melissa M.
Julian M.
Andrzej M.
Andreina M.
Heather M.
Benjamin M.
Jerry M.
John M.
Larry M.
Deivis M.
Andre M.
Norvel M.
Phillip M.
Elizabeth M.
Clarence M.
Kendall M.
Mary M.
Elspeth M.
Eroises M.
Andrew M.
Rebecca M.
James M.
Helen M.
Sarah M.
Kellen M.
Luari M.
Erin M.
Nikkole M.
Amanda M.
Michael M.
Adam N.
Charles N.
Rashawn N.
Jessica N.
Evan N.
Patrick O.
Victor O.
John O.
Dayna O.
Matthew O.
Drew P.
Anthony P.
Lamar P.
Marcherria P.
Paviel P.
Stephanie P.
Curtis P.
Bryan P.
Roshonques P.
Saria P.
Mitchell P.
Bradley P.
Colin P.
Jaimie P.
Kevin P.
Erica P.
Philip P.
Emily P.
Zoe P.
Matthew Q.
Mayra R.
Eric R.
Kazi R.
Ramion R.
Michael R.
Allen R.
Christopher R.
Ariana R.
Mario R.
Megan R.
Matthew R.
Keyla R.
Alexandria R.
Sarah R.
Estefania R.
Lakeila R.
Cyrus S.
Gilbert S.
Thomas Sa.
Michael S.
Julia S.
Steven S.
Matthew S.
Katherine Sc.
Ganjana S.
Stacey S.
Tanginika S.
Riley S.
Whitney S.
Darin S.
Ashley S.
Courtney S.
Andinia S.
Amanda S.
Megan S.
Katherine Si.
Brandon Sl.
Cory S.
Leshaye S.
Thomas Sm.
William S.
Keandra S.
Levi S.
Roderick S.
Reginald S.
Tammy S.
Kandis S.
Nicole S.
Rodney S.
Carson S.
Zachary S.
Kayla S.
Aaron S.
Alyssa S.
Brandon Su.
Lisa S.
Jeremiah S.
John S.
Page T.
Anderson T.
Jamario T.
Caitlin T.
Jessica T.
Ryan T.
Brittany T.
Shaina T.
Ivan T.
Leslie T.
Austin T.
Allison T.
Logan V.
Gregory V.
Jennifer V.
Carlos V.
Marilyn V.
Tara V.
Crystina W.
Kellie W.
William Wa.
Renee W.
Carolyn W.
Brennan W.
Knox W.
Anne W.
Vincent W.
Andria W.
Jason W.
Dillon W.
Alexis W.
Mitchell W.
William Wi.
Ashley W.
Calvin W.
Madison W.
Eric Y.
Quanesha Y.
Stephen Z.



I Love You All In Christ,
Christian L.

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