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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Oh nothing much, Rehnquist dies of thyroid cancer

Hello to everyone!

I have been enjoying my long weekend so far. It has been very relaxing and wonderful. I hope yours has been as well. I hope to go to the pool in two days, but I have to finish all my homework first. The school year is good, but there are still a few problems to be solved.

I recently read that Rehnquist died of thyroid cancer. May God bless his soul. I hope that Bush chooses another great Surpreme Court justice for Rehnquist just as he did Roberts for O'Connor.
Father Smith
Deacon Tierney
Peter T.
Michael S.
Prayer Of The Day:

Dear Lord,

Please continue helping out the Hurricane Katrina victims. They all need our help and prayers wherever they are. I pray that Rehnquist is in heaven and that he is blessed with every grace that he has earned for himself. I, also, pray for the new altar servers in our parish.

I Ask This Through Christ My Lord, Amen.


+ Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at 80

+ Evacuees wait as relief efforts build

+ At Least 12 Dead in France Apartment Fire

+ Putin Orders Beslan Investigation




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