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Monday, September 05, 2005


Hey Patrick, Love the comments.......Love Lindley Mayer's New Website........MANN IS ABOUT TO GET BYRNED!

Here's a big hello to everyone around the world!!!!!!

Today has been an interesting day for me. First of all, I helped pack relief bags for Hurricane Katrina relief. Our family packed over 20 bags for the cause! It felt pretty good to do all of that work for others.

Later on, my aunt and my grandfather came over for a visit along with my younger cousin. They were fun to talk to, even though we were all talking about Hurricane Katrina's effect on New Orleans. I feel so bad about the people who were affected by the storm.

Then there was youth group. Not many showed up tonight because of Labor Day weekend. But we had an interesting night none the less. Moses and I talked about life in general and later on during dinner we talked about the Altar Server exhibit at the Discipleship Fair. He said that the stickers, colored paper, and candy helped get a lot of guys interested in helping out during the mass. Father Smith came to eat with the youth group as well and agreed with Moses.

Father Smith is such a cool priest to talk to. He knows what he likes and presents it in a way that is appealing to all. This was exceptionally notable last night at Mass. He told us at the end of mass that he had been praying novenas for Clemson to win their first game. THEY WORKED!!!! WAY TO GO CLEMSON! A few kids from youth group went to the game and they said that it was extremely exciting when they found out that Clemson beat Texas A&M.

I went to the pool and it wasn't very crowded. I had fun relaxing and chillin' in the water!!!

Before I went to youth group I got on the internet, as usual. I saw Lindley's new website and I loved it. The pictures are so vivid and entertaining to look at. I signed the guestbook too!

But here's another bulletin about Mann. This week's game is going to be crazy! We are going against the #23 high school team in America! We are going to lose so bad, but maybe not. In that case, I am rooting for Byrnes this time around. SORRY ABOUT THAT MANN.

Thank you to Patrick H. for leaving comments on the blog. I am greatly appreciative of them, although they are somewhat crude and silly. I hope to read more in the future!!!!
Prayer Of The Day:

Dear Lord,
Please continue giving aid to those that need it along the Gulf Coast. I hope that our relief baggies serve the residents of the Gulf Coast well! Please help Father Smith as he is taking on the role of Parochial Vicar at our church. I, also, pray for all our new altar servers!

I Ask This Through Christ My Lord,

Patrick H.
James H.
Mychaela from the cruise
Moses S.
Greg J.
Kalah S.
Kristen C.
China T.
Ashley S.
Robb F.
Will S.
Laurel C.
Marie L.D.
Braxton M.
Jimmy D.
Father Smith
Linda M.
Lindley M.

+ New Orleans turning to the dead as refugees evacuate

+ Three men freed in Holloway case

+ Washington Scrambles to Replace Rehnquist

+ Plane Crash Kills 60 In Indonesia




That was my fucking shithead asswhole dickface asscrust cocksucking brother...sorry about his vulgar was uncalled for...thanks for the shoutouts bud...i'll see you in english tomorrow ...

-till then
Karl Winslow
oops...i meant hole
ha Patrick thanks for the comment. Cant wait till English!
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