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Monday, August 08, 2005




HELLO TO EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD WHO WAS ON THE CRUISE WITH ME!!!! Hope you all enjoyed my "sweet" moves.

Anyway, I am extremely excited to say that this was the best cruise vacation that I have EVER been one, so far.

It was EVEN better than last year's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a VERY BIG shoutout to everyone who helped me out with giving me a great cruise experience:


My experience on this cruise was wonderful. There are so many things to say that I truly do not know where to start!!!!!!!!!!

First we drove all the way to Charlotte, NC to catch a plane to Miami, where our family spent a night at a groovy hotel called "The Wave." We ate dinner at a nice restaurant, which I can't remember, and slept very well to the many noisy people outside!

The next day we went to the Spanish mass at St. Francis De Sales, who is, also, my patron saint!!! HOW COOL IS THAT! I didn't understand everything the priest said, but I got most of it. I had taken Spanish classes before, so I knew bits and pieces.

Then, it was finally time to board the ship. From the outside, IT'S HUGE. On the inside, IT'S HUGE. It's huge all around. Anyway, back to the story. When I first got on we got our pics taken and then we had to find our room. It seemed to be a little difficult, but after a few days we got the hang out it. Our room, my brother and mine, was very nice. It looked over the "Royal promenade" where some shops and restaurants were located. There were two parades there and I saw one up close and one from my room. Both were very fun and eye popping.

But that was not all the entertainment on the ship. There was an ice show called "Planet Ice", Two comedians; whom of which have performed with Wayne Newton Gladys Knight; and on such stations as HBO and Comedy Central!!! There was a show called "History Rewritten," which was a musical about past events and customs of world societies. {This show did a really good job in portraying each segment of the past in a nice and very decent way}


It was all extremely tasty and -GOOD-. The dinner's were exquisite and breakfast was so fulfilling that I never had to eat lunch. One day, however, I went to Johnny Rockets and got a burger. By dinner time, I was about to throw up since I didn't burn up all the "burger" calories before I had dinner. I turned out okay.

We had two days at sea, which made the cruise very relaxing. I had many cokes on those days and went to many teen activities, WHICH NO ONE SHOWED UP FOR, but I had fun none the less. On those days I hung out by the pool and played basketball, afterward.

First day not at sea was the day in Belize. We took a van trip to a cave to go cave tubing! We saw the "Sleeping Giant" and got our first Mexico cokes there. Cave tubing was memorable, but our walk was tedious and long. The cave we went through was very amazing. I had never done cave tubing before so this was a very interesting experience for me. I enjoyed our tour guide very much. He cared about the group and he knew all whole lot of interesting facts about Belize.

The next day, we were in Costa Maya. Many beautiful places there! I stubbed my middle toe there and it hurt a lot. IT STILL HURTS BY THE WAY! But I have no problem with it. We got our picture taken there and it is fun to look at it since it was so unexpected.

We did the same thing the next day, but we were in Cozumel. Yes, I think I saw Senor Frogs. But that is no big deal. I still swam around and saw many different interesting fish in the water. I touched a few and a few other splashed me in the face while feeding them. Boy, that was an unforgettable experience. I did get a cool shirt there and there were many other vulgar and funny shirts there, as well.

Grand Cayman was Snuba day for my family. I already remembered the basics from the year before and saw many things under water. I saw reefs, fish, and a very big ship wreck from long ago. Our diver was cool and seemed to enjoy what he was doing.

But the most memorable parts of the cruise was the nightlife. Our family was on a game show one night, but we lost and got 2nd place. We were the "Gadgetors" and we were so wild when we got on. I didn't do very well, but I still had a lot of fun. But many may not remember me on that show, most will remember me from Optix. Optix was the teen nightclub on "Explorer Of The Seas." To those of you who STILL remember, I salute you for that. I did what I loved to do and got many cool friends along the way. I know it seems strange that a white boy knows how to be G. But it can be done, believe me. I've been doing it for almost 7 years now.

There was one night, for my purpose, that I will never forget. It was a song I really loved to dance to and I had the whole freakin' club looking at me. BOY, DID I TURN SOME HEADS AROUND. Dancing to me comes from the heart, you do what you fell, but you shouldn't be off with it. Listen to the lyrics, most of the time they tell you the steps to the song. They may be hard to understand, but you will eventually get the hang of it. I thank all the girls and guys for their support and I hope that support through friendship will carry on throughout our lives.

WOW, so many memories and so little time to share them all.

Another event I remember was the "Hottie Hunt/ Famous People Hunt." My group of friends from London participated and we enjoyed it very much! We found "Paris Hilton," "David Beckham," and "Whitney Houston!" But not really.

We had a Bingo game later on and I got to see them again. I won second place one time and I was close to winning by a point in another game.

That night we had a Karoake contest. Only a girl and I did it and I got a good score. One of which was an 8.5 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave the girl a 9. She was so much better than me. I performed "Larger Than Life," while she performed, "Man, I Feel Like A Woman."

Another night I saw "School Of Rock," again, and I liked Jack Black more than ever. The same thing there with 2 people. Me and another dude. Halfway through the show the lights came on for no reason. We had to call matinence and by the last 20 minutes the problem was finally solved.

I remember no fights on the ship, until the last day. I was in Optix, as usual, and these two guys started throwing a few punches. It, then, turned to a brawl and Security had to come in and break it up. HOW SCARY IS THAT! The dance continued and another fight broke out and then another. After the last one they closed the club and hour early. By that time it was 1 AM in the morning. It usually went on until 2, but this was an exception. On normal nights the club was open 12 AM- 2 AM. Since this was the last day we got three hours to party from 11 PM- 2AM. But it never really happened. It was sad to have it happen on the last night since it was the last time we would ever see each other, again.

I got about 15 email addresses and I hope I am talking to you at the moment. I miss seeing you and hope that we have much contact this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made about 25 copies of my info and 23 of those were given to a few people that I knew. There wasn't that much time to get everyone's email address. But I don't mind.

I was a pimp on this cruise, in a small way. But I wasn't indecent with it, however. I was pretty smooth and cool.

I have another story to tell. One night the teens got to ice skate. I didn't do well at first, but I was really fast at the end. I loved listening to "NOW 16" again and it helped keep me moving throughout the time on the ice. I was the last to leave the ice!!!!!!

Another night was free arcade night. It was fun, but it got extremely boring after a while.

On the last night we were packed and ready to go home. We said our goodbyes and went to bed. But not me, After going out the club, I went around the ship looking for my parents. Security was going up and down the stairs looking for teens that didn't go to their room. They ALMOST caught me, but they never did. I never found my parents and was awake until 2 AM in the morning thinking about the cruise. The pictures. The friends. The memories. I have many pictures from the cruise and I can't wait to see them. I hope all of your who went on the cruise will email some of your pictures of me to see.

On the morning of our departure. I got dressed sorrowfully and went to eat breakfast with a so so smile. I got to see a Carnival ship come into Miami and I laughed so hard at the size of it. It was smaller than our ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then left the ship and were taxied to Miami International Airport. While trying to find the terminal of departure, my mom called the airport "THE WORST EVER!" We waited almost two hours for our 11 AM flight and arrived in Charlotte two hours later. On the flight there were not many things to do, but seeing the clouds first hand was exciting and amazing. We then got bused to our car and drove back home to Greenville. It took much longer than usual to get home. There were over 4 car wrecks while we were driving. The most that I have ever seen in a day of my life! We got home just in time for the Teen Mass at a local church and were ushered inside very quickly.

I found it very disrespectful for many different reason. But there are too many to list them here. You'll figure it out. I saw a girl and I guy that I knew from past and present schools. I talked to the girl and not to the guy. I was so tired, anyway.

We finally reached our house and got Wedgy's pizza. Then I went to bed, got up, cried about my foot for 30 minutes and got some sleep.

Now I have woken up, eaten some cereal, and wrote another blog entry for you to read.

I love all and have missed all my friends back her in Greenville. I can't wait to see you at the party SOON.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the cruise and hope that it will bring hope and truth to the world about me all the time.


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